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Maclin Open Air Markets - A casual atmosphere in the great outdoors with true bargains, satisfied buyers and sellers
Maclin Markets

In 1929, Lawrence "Mac" Maclin purchased land in Ontario, California and became a successful dairyman. Eventually, the dairy became an auction house for cattle, goats, pigs, sheep and horses. The auction proved to be so popular in the community that by 1936 people began to bring different products to Mac's "Chino Auction" to sell. The first items sold were farm tools and feed. Then clothing and other miscellaneous items. Before long, Mac Maclin was the proud owner of the first Open Air Market and Auction!

This marketing evolution has continued through five generations of Mac's family who participate today operations as well as expansions. Maclin vendors individually operate their own shops. Their product knowledge and personal touch has made Maclin Market's vendors famous. Thousands of items are sold at a typical market, more than most conventional shopping malls.

Maclin is the leader in discount markets in Southern California. Quality new and used merchandise, antiques, collectibles and gift items can always be found at one of our many open air markets or swap meets. Clothing, housewares, decorator items and food are just some of the things you'll find at great prices.

A casual atmosphere in the great outdoors -
true bargains, satisfied buyers and sellers -

Maclin Markets - shopping made fun!

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